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Welcome to FunnelCake Marketing
Now celebrating over a dozen years providing custom marketing, mentorship, and business consulting to artists and makers in the Boston area

Career Guidance Services

FunnelCake Marketing provides intensive, tailored, results-based career advisory services to YOU, on YOUR path, that go way beyond courses and workshops. For the next while, regular consult fees will be replaced by pay-what-you-wish (except current and past clients). We are all stepping into the void here. We are best when leading with kindness and compassion.

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Project Management

Pulling together an art event or project is now uncharted territory. As usual, people, planning, and nimbleness count. Let’s work together and make it happen.

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Need a marketing plan or press release? How do you move your art forward in these times? Let’s talk about who and what can help you get noticed, participate, and most of all, create your work. FCM’s workshops, interviews, vlogs, and TV have highlighted prototypers, gallerists, musicians, filmmakers, and accountants. See our back talks on patronage, social networking, intellectual property, the arts market, and more.

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“Jesa was the fulcrum to leverage me from someone who made art to being an artist. She shines the light on my particular path of growth, and applies the things I already know about marketing in a business sense towards marketing my own work. Jesa allows me to pull the pieces of the puzzle together into a comprehensive marketing mindset, which allows me to convey what’s exciting about my work to a listening audience.”

Kirk Tegelaar, Skunkedelia/TIG welding lead at Artisan’s Asylum

"zzyzzy j327" by Kirk Tegelaar/ Skunkadelia

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