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Jesa Damora grew up in a Philip Johnson house tinkering with origami and architectural models. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this led her to practice architecture herself for several decades, which culminated in being the Executive Director of a Consortium for the US Department of Energy in sustainable building technologies. She also persisted at art-making in off-hours until a crucial moment, turning 50, made her choose art full-time.

Thank goodness she had also spent years as a short-track competitive speedskater at Olympic Centers: She could follow a regimen. She had also been a caterer who ran large events, and a construction manager, which made her a geek for Gantt charts and lists. Sitting Zazen with her husband, a Zen priest, helped her see how to run with the few things that really mattered. Combined with an ADD appetite for adventure and her need to talk to everyone about everything, she made a success of her art career. She came to feel she could help others with theirs as well.

FunnelCake Marketing launched when she rented a space at Artisan’s Asylum and volunteered as Marketing Coordinator for Somerville Open Studios in 2013. An exciting achievement, it prompted Jesa to develop several series of popular marketing workshops for artists and makers in both Boston and NYC. She has since found herself providing arts marketing and business development consulting to amazing artist clients, wrangling artists for TED talks, co-producing a TV show, curating exhibits, and commissioning her clients’ work as wearable art to thrill the public.

She bows to her Harvard education, to a deep friendship with Edward L. Bernays, and to amazing parents who helped create the Mid-Century Modern movement.

Follow her current aesthetic explorations on Instagram.

“My only regret about working with Jesa was not working with her sooner! I’ve been solo contracting as a product designer and maker for years and had been struggling with setting achievable goals. Jesa helped me prioritize and focus, so I could get to work on what really matters. She really figured out what I needed as a coach and mentor, and helped me craft an actionable plan towards my longer term goals. Her support, expertise, and connections have been invaluable to my career.”

Tam Black, Industrial Designer

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