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Consulting, mentorship and coaching is meant to inspire youFunnelCake Marketing is here to help give you the insights and expertise to move you forward decisively, confidently and with excitement.

We can help with:

  • Vision, mindset, and goal prioritization
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Development of your support network
  • Database, website, and workspace development
  • Crowdfunding, accounting, and project logistics
  • Publicity, use of social networking
  • Merchandising and exhibit design
  • Artistic and critical guidance
An early FunnelCake consultation at FCM’s offices at Artisan’s Asylum. FunnelCake Associate Brian Johnson assists.

Your strength and flexibility includes your team, your colleagues, your audience, and those special people who mentor and support you.

FunnelCake Marketing can introduce you to:

  • Galleries and arts organizations, both public and private, traditional and not
  • Funders and collectors, both public and private
  • Prototypers, fabricators, designers
  • Critics, publications, curators, venues
  • Producers, managers, spaceship captains
  • Videographers, writers, merchandisers, intellectual property experts, AR/VR developers, Zen priests…
FunnelCake client Laura Jane Ewing at her first vernissage in 2016. She has now shown in NYC through working with FCM. Follow her growth at

How it works:

After an initial discussion, one of these things can happen:

6-Month Contract

A six-month contract to accomplish an agreed-upon plan. This contract, which is renewable, provides regular meetings over this period plus additional phone, email, and texting support. Cost is $600/month. I never refuse clients because of their pocketbooks. Discounts/partial payment in the form of art may be possible.

One-time Intensive

A one-time intensive consult at $900, which takes place on your turf. This includes several hours of separate preparation and follow-up by both parties, 3-6 hours of person-to-person guided discussion, recommendations, and introductions.


Followup Consults

For clients who have done at least one six-month program with FCM, periodic consultation meetings are available at $150/hr. These may include some preparation, follow-up, and field trips.


Next Step: Contact me here and let’s chat!


“Jesa Damora clearly loves what she does as is indicated through her enthusiasm, knowledge and endless network of colleagues. She helped me land and market my solo show in Boston at Rafius Fane Gallery in SoWA. She has advised me one-on-one on my business as a artist/painter since 2014, and I’ve found her expertise and connections have been key in generating good relationships with people in the art world. If you are looking to expand your art business into a successful career, Jesa has the tools you need, whether you are just getting started, needing inspiration, or need support, she is energetic, knowledgeable, readily available, and extremely encouraging every step of the way. Her insights and sincere dedication to her craft are invaluable.”

-Jeannie Motherwell, Artist

Ann Vincenti-Michelman, Jeannie Motherwell, and Jesa at Rafius Fane Gallery. FCM shepherded Motherwell’s show, including marketing, publicity, and gallery sitting from beginning to end. The show had great coverage in the press and many sales.
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