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Jesa Damora’s arts/marketing service has been a gift, moving me towards my goal and expanding my network. She is easy to work with, listens,and possesses authority. Her broad knowledge base of both art history and the pulse of what’s happening now makes her a perfect advisor. From Day One Damora (aka Funnel Cake Marketing) refined my sculpture presentation and helped define the strength of my work as well as recommend sensible, professional pricing. Together we concentrated on development of a particular body of work.

My goal is to get a show. Each week we set assignments to move closer to that goal ( BTW from the start I knew this was not possible to accomplish in three months). Assignments included finishing work in the studio, submitting work to galleries, contacting journalists, becoming more social media savvy, writing blurbs.

Damora has noteworthy connections to other artists, web designers, engineers, lighting specialists, musicians; she’s a graceful editor.

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