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Jesa is an extremely knowledgeable, sweet and vivacious woman who puts her heart into helping artists find their path. As an artist herself, she understands the logistical, financial and emotional challenges to an art life and works with you as an artist to maneuver through your own circumstances to expand and achieve your goals. She’s left me with a lasting and personalized understanding of the steps required to make an art life.

For me, working full-time and being young in my art path, engaging Jesa was extremely helpful for getting a full scope of what it would take to be a professional artist. Besides doing the work itself, there are important aspects of marketing, administration and legwork for which Jesa gave me a much fuller picture. Through working with her, I achieved a milestone of creating, framing, and showing four pieces at a Chelsea gallery in NY, my first gallery show.

I would highly recommend Jesa, for her knowledge of the full spectrum of art making, her connections to artists in the Boston area, and her warm, fun-loving and empathic personality.

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