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Jesa has been extremely useful in my art career as artist-wrangler, marketer, advisor and visual navigator. Her role has been to steer me through the steps I’ve needed to launch myself into the local art scene and build my business as an emerging artist. She is knowledgeable, energetic and extremely passionate about the arts. She has pushed me when I needed her to, but has always maintained a respectful and fun relationship. She doesn’t shy away from straight talk and getting to the meat of a situation, but Jesa adapts to her clients’ needs and I always feel like she has my back and will promote me whenever she gets the chance.

It is refreshing to work with somebody who has inside knowledge of the art world from both sides of the fence – the fact that Jesa also happens to be a fantastic visual artist herself really allows me to trust her aesthetic skills as well as her marketing prowess. I have been working with Jesa long enough to see the fruits of our mutual labor.

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